Telehealth Made Easy

Telehealth couldn’t be any easier with DocResponse! We’ve created a HIPAA compliant and secure video visit that both physicians and patients will find easy. Patients can use their cell phones, tablets, desktops or laptops with no account set-up or app download required!

Our solution is integrated with your schedule so your patients can fill out consent forms and make payments prior to the call and you will be notified when the patient enters the room. With an easy to use dashboard, your physician will have to click one button to start their video visit.

Advanced Screen-Navigation Technology

Our easy to use interface ensures that physicians won’t miss a beat in their schedule and can work seamlessly in their EHR’s encounter.

Reduce Your No-Show Rate

Patient no-shows are a large reason for lost revenue and DocResponse is here to help! DocResponse sends patients notifications via email and text message regarding their telehealth appointment.

Increased Revenue

With parity laws becoming more and more common among states, you’ll see that both private and government insurers are required to treat telemedicine services the same way insurers treat in-person services. Check with your state to determine the laws you fall under. Even if you don’t, that does not mean that insurance won’t cover your telemedicine visits. As of 2017, 9 states have payment parity laws which means that insurers must pay the same amount for a CPT code for telehealth as they would in person.

Telehealth allows you to see patients right from your home allowing for after-hour calls and allows you to increase your patient load. Finally, providers can have a competitive and affordable option to compete with online only physicians and groups. With our full package, you could see an even greater efficiency gain and greater compliance in your coding.

Increased Satisfaction

Using DocResponse for your telehealth needs provides a different experience for your patients that increases their satisfaction. They can have their medical appointments from the comfort of their home or office. This means two things for your patients:

  • Less time taken off from work
  • Less exposure to other sick patients

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With the increasing demand for providers to see more patients per day, let us show you how telemedicine can expand your patient network drastically.