Orthopedic Check-In Software You Can Rely On

DocResponse offers orthopedic check-in software that makes appointment scheduling for your patients simple and efficient. For years, filing cabinets and paper documents have bogged down orthopedic practices.

But now, with DocResponse's paperless digital orthopedic check-in software, your orthopedic office can improve your patients' experience at your clinic while also reducing your carbon footprint.

What Makes The DocResponse Orthopedic Check-In Software Right For Me?

Paper documents can be difficult to keep track of even for professional and experienced medical clinic staff. In fact, up to 30% of the average workday is spent searching for information your employees and patients need.

With DocResponse's orthopedic check-in software, you don't need to worry about wasting time searching for documents. Our orthopedic check-in software makes it possible for your patients to check-in remotely to your practice so they'll be ready for their appointment by the time they show up at your office.

Your patients will be pleased they've saved time checking-in beforehand, and you can feel confident knowing you're taking care of them to the best of your ability.

What Are The Benefits Of DocResponse Check-In Software?

There are many benefits you can look forward to when you choose to use our orthopedic check-in software including:

  • Improved efficiency by up to 40%
  • Easy appointment scheduling for patients
  • Remote appointment scheduling for patients
  • Reduce the amount of time your new patients spend reading and signing paperwork
  • Save money on office paper
  • Reduce paper waste
  • Easily obtain preliminary history
  • Increase clinic security
  • Reduce provider documentation time by 4 minutes per patient
  • See more patients in the same day
  • Eliminate after-hours patient chart documentation

Ready To Get Started?

DocResponse's orthopedic check-in software is a great way for your clinic to go green while improving the experience of your patients and boosting productivity. To learn more about our orthopedic check-in software and what it can do for your clinic, contact us for a free demo today.